Place to outsource Modeling/Analytics

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Any business is full of dynamic flows: processes, changes of goods in/outs, organizational changes, cash flows, obligations external (e.g. clients or service providers) or internal (e.g. employees or shareholders).

We analyse business, classify and advise on what should be recorded.


The result of business analyses is data. Data resulting from business activity must be stored. These are internal types of data. It is important to store also external data. These bring the company into context relevant for certain moment.

We help to structure available data and generate the useful new one

We help to capture and record streamed realtime data


Model structure comes from Business and Data analyses. This involves analysis of static picture via simple statistics or capture of dynamic via more complex modelling, like development of suitable Stochastic processes, or application of Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) methods

Good model allows product pricing, process optimization to reduce costs, forecast and predictions of your plans and actions.

We build models


Business walks through uncertainties. Data and models help to quantify associated risks. Risks associated with models can be quantified.

We also help to quantify risks which are qualitative

When risk is quantified mitigation must be taken to reduce it. These are often associated with policies.

We help to develop risk mitigation and design respective policies

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