Place to outsource Modeling/Analytics

Examples of projects:

  • For Small and Middle Enterprises:
    • Financial projections of balance sheet - cross border trading involves FX-risk. we can estimated it for you.
    • Estimation of Risk attached to Receivables (credit risk)
    • Estimation of Risk due to fall of your market (business risk)
  • For Banks, Financial Institutions and Large corporates:
    • Risk/pricing models (e.g. FRTB models, Libor replacement or Brexit reallocation)
      • development, validations, system checks (data stream), documentation
    • Development of Risk Models (with link to risk limits), Capital, XVA
    • Realtime systems (data feed, algorithmic interaction, like automatic trading bot)
    • Validation of algorithmic trading chain (followed by EBA, PRA directives)
    • Big Data collection, analytics with AI/ML application

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